Following the deadline for making a Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) Claim on 29 August 2019, people keep talking about the Plevin ruling and how it could affect you. However, you may be asking, what is the Plevin ruling, how is it different from a Mis-sold PPI Claim, and am I eligible to make a Claim? At The Claims Guys Legal, our main focus is on PPI Claims and how we can help our Clients utilise all possible options to obtain a legal remedy. We pride ourselves on our expertise in assisting our Clients with this type of Claim. So, carry on reading if you want to know more about the Plevin ruling and how this could impact you…


What is Plevin?

The Plevin ruling refers to a Supreme Court case from 2014 – you can read more about the judgement here. Mrs Plevin was sold a PPI policy to cover her secured Loan from Paragon Personal Finance Ltd. Mrs Plevin became aware that 71.8% of the premiums she had paid under her PPI policy were actually a commission payment to her Lender and she alleged that this was unfair. The Supreme Court agreed with Mrs Plevin, and stated that the relationship was unfair due to:

  • Non-disclosure of the commission payment; and
  • The percentage of the PPI premium that was paid as commission.


How is this different from Mis-sold PPI? 

Whilst a Claim is made in respect of the sale of a PPI policy, the basis of the Claim is different to a Mis-sold PPI Claim. This Claim does not consider whether the PPI policy was suitable, instead we examine whether your Lender failed to disclose high-level commission payments they earned from your PPI premiums, making the relationship unfair. Although the PPI deadline has passed, Claims made under the Plevin ruling are not subject to a deadline. This is because the Claim is based on a different area of law, namely the Consumer Credit Act 1974.


Am I eligible to make a Plevin PPI Claim? 

You could be eligible to make a Claim if:

  • Your PPI policy was sold before 6 April 2007 and open after 6 April 2008, or sold after 6 April 2007 (whether or not it was still open after 6 April 2008);
  • You have not previously complained about Mis-sold PPI;
  • You have had a PPI Claim rejected; or
  • You had a refund for the ‘Plevin only’ part of your PPI (a ‘tipping point offer’).

How can The Claims Guys Legal help? 

If you’re not sure whether you are eligible to make a Claim, there’s no need to worry. Our objective is to assist you claim back any unfair PPI commissions. We will conduct a review of information relevant to your PPI credit agreement to establish whether there is an unfair relationship due to non-disclosed commission. We will use our expertise and experience of dealing with cases under the Plevin ruling and PPI Claims to investigate, negotiate and settle your Claim. Throughout your Claim, we will keep you informed and provide clear updates. If you want to make a Claim, you are not sure if you are eligible, or you just want to find out more, please contact us.

0161 260 0810 ¦*A Fee will be payable for any Claim cancelled after the 14 day cancellation period or after a reasonable offer of compensation has been received.